Special session on Environmental Aspects of Marinas and Touristic Ports.

Hosted by Dr Konstantinos Moutzouris

Professor, Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou, Athens, 15773, Greece.


  • Greek marinas: a mythical saga.
    Gr.E. Andrianis, E.Gr. Andrianis
  • Linaria Port, Skyros: An Environmentally Friendly Port Community for Leisure Crafts.
    K. Antonopoulos, V. Plaka, C. Skanavis
  • The Procedure for Obtaining a Blue Flag in a Marina Hotel in Crete, Greece.
    A. Kamarinakis
  • Environmental impacts from the construction and operation of marinas and touristic ports.
    P.S. Kollias, V.P. Kollias, S. Kollias
  • Dredging and sediment management in marinas and touristic ports.
    G. Papacharalampous
  • Environmental impacts of marinas: review of case studies.
    S. Papagrigoriou, G. Kotzageorgis, Y. Bekiaris
  • Geospatial assessment of the pollutant load trend in a coastal marine area.
    F. Sakellariadou
  • Environmental and Safety Aspects for Marinas: Elements and New Trends.
    N. Ventikos, E. Stamatopoulou


Special session on Environmental Communication and Education.

Hosted by Dr. Constantina Skanavis

Professor, Department of Environment, University of the Aegean, University Hill, Mytilene, 81100, Greece.


  • Environmental Sensitivity of College Students.
    A. Vamvakari, R. Zarkaveli, C. Skanavis
  • The Environmental Impacts of the Refugees’ Settlements at Lesvos Island.
    C. Skanavis, A. Kounani
  • Literature and Environmental Education.
    E. Manolas, G. Tsantopoulos
  • Leisure and Mass Media among Elementary School Pupils: Some Research Findings.
    G. Tsantopoulos, E. Manolas, A. Dalamagkidou
  • How Close to Being “Green” are the Greek Universities?
    D. Papaioannidou, C. Sardi, C. Skanavis
  • Assessing the Environmental Education Practices of Educators in a Greek Island.
    K. M. Ntaiou, C. Oursouzidou, A. Kounani, C. Skanavis
  • Investigation of the Interview as a Measuring Tool for the Environmental Illiteracy in Greece.
    J. Barota, H. Giannakopoulou, K. Marini, C. Skanavis
  • Environmental Summer Camp in a Greek Island.
    S. Apostolopoulou, G. Griroropoulou, M. Karamperis, A. Kounani, C. Skanavis
  • Online M.S. Environmental Engineering Programs
    The University of New Haven (UNH) Experience
    E. Hadnagy, B. Riedinger, J. Vilberg, A. Koutsospyros


Special session on Innovative technologies for polluted water remediation.

Hosted by Dr Dino Musmarra

Professor, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Design and Environment, Second University of Naples, Real Casa dell’Annunziata, Via Roma 9, Aversa, 81031, Italy.


  • Synthetic TMAH wastewaters treatment with cavitation processes.
    D. Karatza, E. Hristoforou, V. Innocenzi, F. Tortora, M. Prisciandaro
  • Sorption of organic pollutants onto a humic acids-zeolitic tuff adduct.
    V. Leone, P. Iovino, S. Capasso, S. Chianese, D. Musmarra
  • Purification of residual leach liquors from hydrometallurgical process of NiMH spent batteries through Micellar Enhanced Ultra Filtration.
    V. Innocenzi, F. Tortora, M. Prisciandaro, F. Vegliò
  • Experimental study on single and competitive adsorption of benzene and toluene from model groundwater.
    A. Erto, S. Chianese, A. Lancia, D. Musmarra
  • Discontinuous Permeable Adsorptive Barrier design and cost analysis: a methodological approach to optimization.
    G.F. Santonastaso, I. Bortone, S. Chianese, A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale M, A. Erto, D. Karatza, D. Musmarra
  • Culture optimization of Chlorococcum sp. for biomass and lipid production.
    A. Frementiti, I.D. Manariotis, A.F. Aravantinou
  • Adsorption of As(III) and As(V) by Fe-Mn binary oxides impregnated granular activated carbon (IMIGAC).
    Kitae Baek, So-Ri Ryu, Eun-Ki Jeon, Myung-Eun Lee Mail
  • Modelling of Tracer Transport in Fractured Porous Media, using COMSOL.
    I. Bortone, E. Aristodemou, R. Bhamidimarri, D. Musmarra
  • Numerical algorithm compared with analytic solution to solve an inverse problem of contamination source in a river.
    G.F. Santonastaso, A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, M. Iervolino, D. Musmarra


Special session on Renewable and Sustainable Energy Management and Planning.

Hosted by Dr Dimitra Vagiona

Assistant Professor, Department of Spatial Planning and Development, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki 541 24, Greece.

Hosted by Dr Eva Loukogeorgaki

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki 541 24, Greece.


  • A sustainable energy and development pattern based on R.E.S. for insular and rural communities.
    D. Al.Katsaprakakis, D. Zafirakis, D.G. Christakis
  • Determining optimal siting areas for wind farms in the regional Unit of Chania, Crete in Greece.
    E. Emmanouilidi, D. Vagiona
  • Planning of the installation of an offshore wind farm.
    S. Evangelopoulou, E. Loukogeorgaki
  • Site selection for onshore windfarm applications: Recent applications and trends.
    D. Vagiona, N. Karanikolas, C. Alexiou
  • Assessing cooling loads through building envelopes under varying outdoor and indoor constraints.
    D. Zenginis, K. Kontoleon
  • Development strategy of small scale renewable energy power stations.
    Z. Mallios, J. Marinos

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