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Air quality and contamination control

Assessment of Municipalities build under warm climate conditions in relation to the Sick Building Syndrome
Irene Voukkali, Antonis Zorpas, Pantelitsa Loizia
How can we reduce effects of air pollution from the transport sector: Lessons learned from the Greek economic crisis
V. A. Profillidis, G. N. Botzoris
Does short-term air pollution exposure effects on blood pressure and heart rate on healthy women in the city of Niš, Serbia?
A. A. Stankovic, M. Nikolic
Air quality in the city of Volos using ERPI Index
G. T. Proias, K. P. Moustris, K. V. Koukouletsos, P. T. Nastos, I.K. Larissi, A.G. Paliatsos
Behavior and impact on the environment of fire retardants in cars
A. Athanasopoulou, V. Kollarou, G. Kollaros
Calculations of open mines fugitive dust emissions by the use of measurements and three different dispersion models
A. G. Triantafyllou, N. Moussiopoulos, A. Krestou, G. Tsegas, V. Matthaios, M. Andreadou
Monitoring of occurrence of indoor air pollutants in investigated school
S. Vilcekova, E. Kridlova Burdova, L. Meciarova
Ambient air quality investigation in two Mediterranean coastal cities in Greece
G. T. Proias, K. P. Moustris, K. V. Koukouletsos, P. T. Nastos, A. Paliatsos
Assessment of CO2 absorption in polypropylene membrane contactors
M. Mavroudi, N. Moussiopoulos
Atmospheric deposition and physiological response of the lichen Ramalina fastigiata to the urban environment of Kaunas, Lithuania
G. Sujetovienė, J. Sališiūtė, R. Dagiliūtė, J. Žaltauskaitė

Cultural and social issues

Views, needs, attitudes, personal reflections on behavior and demographics of cyclists and affected residents in the city of Preveza, Greece
P. Karanikola, T. Panagopoulos, S. Tampakis, A. Kontou-Bouglali
The Impact of Early Life Outdoor Experiences on Children’s Environmental Beliefs
E.-A. Panagopoulou, C. Panagopoulou, K. Mitsis
The evolution of thermal springs in Greece from prehistoric to modern times: “A journey through time”
S. Chachami – Chalioti, A. Kungolos
A Library as the Sustainable Commons for the Safe Environment and Regional Community
H. Y. Lim


Environmental concentrations of the antiepileptic drug carbamazepine interfere with endocrine system of Daphnia magna
A. L. Oropesa, A. M. Floro, P. Palma
Influence of newly synthesized Cu(II) complexes on the pyrazole based derivatives on inhibition of Phomopsis viticola (Sacc.) Sacc.
Z. K Jacimovic, I. Bošković, A. Radović, M. Kosović, N. Latinovic
Ecotox-scores as a cost-effective and robust method to evaluate the environmental risk of PAHs polluted soils
Christine Lors, Jean François Ponge, Dennis Damidot
Bioaccumulation of Cobalt and Nickel in Macrophytes from Skadar Lake
V. Kastratović, M. R. Bigovic, Ž. Jaćimović, M. Kosović, D. Đurović, S. Krivokapić
Experimental studies on the toxicity and geno-cytotoxicity effects of cadmium in embryos and larvae of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
N. Kazlauskienė, Ž. Cibulskaitė, M. Stankevičiūtė, J. Baršienė
Cumulative impacts from multiple human activities on Posidonia oceanica seabeds in eastern Mediterranean waters
M. M. Brodersen, A. Kokkali, E. Kaberi, M. Pantazi, I. Maina, S. Kavadas, P. Panayotidis, V. Gerakaris, V. Vassilopoulou
Hydrogeochemical and microbiological characteristics of the Belovo mine site (Kemerovo region, Russia)
N. Yurkevich, N. Abrosimova, S. Bortnikova, O. Saeva
Multigenerational exposure to elevated temperature can make Daphnia magna more vulnerable to Cu-induced oxidative stress
Eunhye Bae, Jinho Jung
Long-term toxicity and geno-cytotoxicity of quantum dots to rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss embryos
Ž. Cibulskaitė, M. Stankevičiūtė, N. Kazlauskienė, J. Baršienė, V. Kulvietis, R. Rotomskis
Acute and Chronic Effects of Pulsed Copper and Phenol Exposure to Moina macrocopa
Jingbo Xu, Nan Jing, Xiaoyan Du
Genotoxicity evaluation of the insecticide Deltamethrin on circulating blood cells of Pelophylax ridibundus (Anura, Ranidae) by comet and micronucleus bioassays
U. C. Erismis, P. Agyar
Distribution and uptake of trace metals in sediment and mangrove plant organs in Indian Sundarban Wetland
R. Chowdhury, S.K. Sarkar
Ecotoxicological approach to evaluate the detoxification effect of a bioelectrochemical dechlorination treatment
M.T. Palumbo, M. Mingazzini
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) accumulation and histo-cytopathological alterations in Lanistes carinatus (Molluscs, Ampullariidae) in response to chronic exposure to crude oil
G. Y. Osman, M. Galal, A. S. Abul-Ezz, M. A. Abul-Ela, S. Amin, A. M. Hegazy
Low-intensive environmental exposures as a stimulation of adaptive response in microorganisms
N. S. Kudryasheva, A. S. Sachkova, T. V. Rozhko, V. A. Zakhvataev, R. G. Khlebopros
Determination of the toxicity of different environmental discharge waters using the acute toxicity tests approved for national pollutant discharge permit
V. Zülal Sonmez, N. Sivri, A. Handan Dökmeci
Electronic waste leachate and pharmaceutical effluent induced genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress in toads (Bufo regularis)
C. G. Alimba, O.O. Odusanya, A.A. Oladeinde
Sewage sludge toxicity: comparison of plants and soil invertebrates response
J. Žaltauskaitė, R. Vaisiūnaitė, G. Sujetovienė, R. Dagiliūtė

Environmental economics

The connection between the GDP and the WTE investments in global scale.
K. Patsiouras, C. S. Psomopoulos, I. Venetis, A. Bourtsalas, N.J. Themelis
Towards a strategic research agenda on soil, land-use and land management in Europe
T. Panagopoulos, V. Ferreira, M. D.C. Antunes
Who's to Blame for Greece? Austerity in charge of Saving a Broken Economy
T. Pelagidis, M. Mitsopoulos
Investigation of impacts of the Transdriatic Pipeline (TAP) Compressor location in the area of Serres Perfecture, application of a methodology to evaluate alternatives
A. Naniopoulos, G. Kazanas
A social survey (2016) on how the economic crisis affects peoples' attitudes towards energy and environmental subjects
P. Kosmopoulos, A. Kantzioura, I. Kosmopoulos, K. Kleskas, A.M. Kosmopoulos
Spatial Distribution of Regional Economy and Logistics Industry in East China
Nan Jing, Jingbo Xu
Applying the Contingent Valuation Method to estimate the economic value of the Thessaloniki suburban Seich-Sou forest amenities
E. K. Oikonomou, A. Guitonas
Value of the authenticity of the Curonian Spit: contingent valuation method
R. Dagiliute, M. Žalandauskas, G. Sujetovienė, J. Žaltauskaitė

Environmental entrepreneurship

Green biotransformations catalyzed by enzyme–inorganic hybrid nanoflowers in environmentally friendly ionic solvents
A. Papadopoulou, A. Tzani, A. C Polydera, P. Katapodis, A. Detsi, E. Voutsas, H. Stamatis
Review of the Eco-design proposed legislation in Industrial furnaces/burners regarding energy consumption and the related greenhouse gas emissions
P. Papadatos, C. Psomopoulos, G. Ioannidis
Exploiting the tertiary (tourism) and primary (agriculture / livestock raising) sector as means of sustainable development in Mediterranean islands: the case of Skopelos
O. Christopoulou, S. Sakellariou, G. Stamoulis, F. Samara, S. Tampekis, O. Iakovidou, I. Sfougaris
Sulfogrow: A new type of plant biostimulant?
S. Chorianopoulou, A. Venieraki, F. Maniou, H. Mavrogiannis, D. Benardos, P. Katinakis, D. L. Bouranis
Environmental entrepreneurship potential of fruit juices production in Montenegro
D. Jacimovic, D. Šukovic, D. Golovic
Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide. The Step of formic Acid Reduction
I. Kotoulas, A. Schizodimou, G. Kyriacou
EU-SOLARIS: The European infrastructure for concentrated solar thermal and solar chemistry technologies
V. N Drosou, T. Oikonomou

Environmental health

Study of Organic Fluorine Pollutants in Human Serum, Hair and Nails to Explore Ideal Bioindicators
H. Zhang, D. Yao, R. Zhang, S. Yin, Zhifang Chai, J. Shen, B. Yang
Healthcare waste management in Greece. A study of 31 hospital units
M. Zamparas, I. Kalavrouziotis
Traffic noise in mid-size towns: The case of Xanthi, Northern Greece
G. Kollaros, A. Athanasopoulou, V. Kollarou
Optimization of an analytical method for the determination of heavy metals in milk powder.
C. Christophoridis, M. Evgenakis, K. Fytianos
Radioactive mine drainage and eco-toxicological risks in areas of old uranium mines
F. P. Carvalho, J. M. Oliveira, M. Malta
Nervous toxicity of Titanium dioxide nanoparticles on rat- A Combined in Vivo and in Vitro Study
Chen Jun, Sun Cheng, L Mei
Synthesis of iron(III) oxide coated bentonite clay and its performance in the defluoridation of groundwater
T. Ngulube, W. Mugera, H. Tutu
Seabed marine litter off Corfu, North Ionian Sea
A. S. Somarakis, K. N. Papadopoulou, A. Anastasopoulou, M. Prevenios, H. Kaberi, C. J. Smith, A. Kapantagakis, Ch. Mytilineou, C. Zeri
Cytoxicity and Genotoxicity of plysterene nanoparticles in bovine oviductual epithelial cells (BOEC)
M. M. Pallotta, R. Ronca, I. Fiorentino, R. Talevi, R. Gualtieri, P. A. Netti, T. Capriglione
Neurotoxic Effects Of Chlorpyrifos Exposure On Neonatal Mice.
M. M. Pallotta, R. Ronca, I. Porreca, R. Carotenuto, C. Ambrosino, T. Capriglione

Environmental impact assessment and risk analysis

Comparative life cycle assessment of three water intensive tree cropping systems
K. Komnitsas, G. Bartzas, D. Zaharaki, D. Vamvuka
Occurrence of selected micro-pollutants in the surface water: a case study on effect of a non-treated wastewater discharged into the Danube River, Vojvodina Province, Serbia
B. Skrbic, Ι. Antić, Ν. Djurišić-Mladenović, D. Tadić
Environmental impact assessment of flood protection measure by Universal Matrix of Risk Analysis
M. Zeleňáková, L. Zvijakova
Environmental threats from high enthalpy fluid storage in geothermal power systems
G. Piperidis, Z. S. Nivolianitou, E. Kondili
A dynamic risk and mass depletion assessment using system dynamics
A. Kalomoiri, A. Koutsospyros, W. Braida
Naturally occurring asbestos in the southern Apennines: quick μ-Raman Spectroscopy identification as a tool of environmental control
Maria Carmela Dichicco, Angela De Bonis, Giovanni Mongelli, Giovanna Rizzo, Rosa Sinisi
Barriers identification regarding the implementation of an environmental management system in a bakery-confectionary industry in Cyprus
Irene Voukkali, Antonis Zorpas, Pantelitsa Loizia, Diana Mihaela Pociovalisteanu
Discrimination of lithogenic and anthropogenic sources of metals in soils developed on ultramafic bedrock
D.G. Megadouka, D. L. Bouranis, K. G. Serelis
Assessment of the natural and anthropogenic sources of chemical elements around a Zn-Pb mine: Distribution of geochemical fractions
D.G. Megadouka, D. L. Bouranis, K. G. Serelis
The geophysical investigations for the evaluation of environmental pollution in mining tailings areas
N. Yurkevich, N. Abrosimova, S. Bortnikova, O. Saeva
Metabolomics approach to evaluate resilience of soil after treatment with natural herbicide
C. Calvayrac, C. Patil, S. Romdhane, J. F. Cooper, F. E. Dayan, C. Bertrand
Element contents in peat as retrospective fingerprints of airborne metal/metalloid transport and deposition
I. Twardowska, E. Steinnes
Spatial and economic dimensions of flood risk assessment: A literature review
M. Kasapaki, D. Latinopoulos
Rural road construction and operation: impacts on cultivated land
G. Kollaros, A. Athanasopoulou, V. Kollarou
Organic Contamination in Offshore Sediments from a Petroleum Exploration Area, Campos Basin, Brazil
A. de L. R. Wagener, A.P. Falcão, C.O. Farias, C. Massone, C. Mauad, A. Nudi, A de L. Scofield
Assessment of a Cr(VI)-contaminated industrial site in Greece
I. Panagiotakis, D. Dermatas, C. Vatseris, P. Merkos, M. Chrysochoou, N. Linardos, T. Mpouras, E. Theologou, N. Papassiopi, A. Xenidis
Risk Assessment of water supply for irrigation needs in the Konitsa Plain under changing environment.
V. Milioni, E. Feloni, K. Kotsifakis, E. Baltas
Oil Contamination Damage and the Marine Biodiversity : Caspian Sea and Black Sea
N. Sivri, H. Kurtuluş Özcan, F. Ahmadli, E. Başar
Migration of Cu, Mn, Fe and Zn at high soil depths due to the disposal of Olive Mill Waste
M.K. Doula, K. Komnitsas, A. Zorpas, V. Kavvadias, D. Zaharaki

Environmental Informatics

Classification of Rainfall Data in the Region of Serres using Fuzzy Logic
N. Samarinas, Ch. Evangelides, C. Tzimopoulos
An automated, GIS based decision support system for fertilizer use in the basin of river Aggitis, Northern Greece
I. Iordanidis, N. Kamidis, S. Orfanidis, P. Anagnostopoulos, E. Malkakis, A. Antoniadis
Wind-driven hydrodynamic simulation of lake Okeechobee, Florida, USA
P. D. Scarlatos, C. G. Koutitas
Dispersion, Fire , Smoke, and Consequence modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Large Eddy Simulation (LES) codes
A. N. Karayannis, I. Panagopoulos, P. Kassomenos
Sensitivity analysis on tracer transport properties in fractured porous media using COMSOL Multi-physics
I. Bortone, E. Aristodemou, R. Bhamidimarri, D. Musmarra
Distribution of enteric bacteria and detection of Escherichia coli with uidA gene in Kapıdağ Peninsula of Marmara Sea by Means of GIS
N. Sivri, M.J. Allen, M. Jones, M. Balci, N. Balkis, D.Z. Şeker, C. Gazioğlu
Climate data processing, assessment and corrective methods
Stella Sotiriadou, Zisis Mallios
QGIS plugin development for automating a pressures-impacts analysis method, in the context of the European Water Framework Directive 2000/60
E. Kourliti, Zisis Mallios, N. Theodossiou
Use of terrestrial laser scanner to monitor structural and biometrical variables in degraded peri-urban forests
U. Chiavetta, N. Puletti, G. Mazza, P. Cantiani, I. De Meo, A. Paletto, A. Lagomarsino
Modelling groundwater recharge in a coastal aquifer using groundwater level data from a dense observation network
A. Ziogas, V. Kaleris

Environmental law and policy

Creating a compensation fund: towards a more effective solution to the environmental prevention and restoration?
K. Pouikli
Approaches to determine hazard properties for EU waste classification
P. Maraboutis, E. Nikolaou, N. Poulimenou
The legal point of view of forest road construction
A. Douka, V. Giannoulas
The Implementation of Water Framework Directive and Flood Directive in Greece: Progress and Critical Review
E. Eleftheriadou, S. Yannopoulos
Offshore Wind Energy vs. Nature Conservation: the role of Maritime Spatial Planning in striking the balance.
A. M. Kitsou
Harbour divestiture in Canada: Passing the buck or passing the puck to new custodians
T. Walker
Management of Mediterranean coastal wetlands according to the requirements of European water Directives. Application to a pilot area
J. Grima, B. J. Ballesteros, J. A. Domínguez, S. Rosado
Water Scarcity & Drought policy in the European Union and the role of the Water Footprint
S. Symeonidou, D. G. Vagiona
The Turkish environmental impact assessment system
S. S. Alıca

Global environmental changes

Evaluation of rainfall time series by statistical methods
Martina Zeleňáková, Ibrahim Alkhalaf, Pavol Purcz, Peter Blistan, Maria Manuela Portela
Surrounding planting and its effect on the energy balance at a zero energy demand building
A. Moumtzakis, P. Kosmopoulos, S. Zoras
Focusing Solar Spectrum by Anthracene Molecules
L. J. Liu, T. Cao
Measuring green-house gases emission from soil in different ecosystems: a methodological description
A. Lagomarsino, Al. E. Agnelli
Experimental investigation of window frames and heat/cold transfer to structure elements at achieving energy saving
Α. Moumtzakis, S. Zoras, P. Kosmopoulos
Enabling new values chains for CO2 reuse
A. Angelis-Dimakis, A. Castillo-Castillo
Parasites in the field of water: public health implications, influences by climate changes and research needs
P. Karanis, G. Karanis

Protection and restoration of ecosystems

Strategic sustainable development and ecotourism in natural ecosystems with archaeological heritage resources: The case of “Korikion Andron” Trail at the Parnassos National Park
T. Lanara, A. Mertzanis, N. Tsaprounis, As. Mertzani, G. Varvarigos, E. Koukou, V. Margaritopoulou, T. Tsitsoni
The riparian ecosystems of Sperchios river, Central Greece. A survey of literature
G. Efthimiou, E. Tsirekis, A. Mertzanis, A. Papadopoulos
Bio-security risk assessment of ship discharged ballast water based on some underlying theories
I.K.E. Ekweozor, L.A. Kuroshi, O. Linden
Measures Rehabilitation and Management of riparian ecosystems and riparian forest Agras Lake (GR1240004), Macedonia, Greece.
N. Grigoriadis, G. Efthimiou, S. Grigoriadis
Technical Works for the Environmental Management of the Agia Lake in the Prefecture of Chania, Crete
Konstantinos Papamanolis
Innovative materials as P-Adsorption agents and their potential application in agriculture
Miltiadis Zamparas
A qualitative method for mapping of pesticide loss risk in the area of Trifyllia in SW Peloponnese, Greece
T. C. Karyotis, A. Ilias, P. Dalambakis, E. Hatzigiannakis, A. Tsitouras, S. Stathaki, J. Vrouchakis, K. Karyoti, G. Arampatzis, A. Panagopoulos
Agroforestry for High Value Tree Systems: system description
A. Pantera, P. J. Burgess, R. Mosquera Losada, G. Moreno, N. Corroyer, J. Mc Adam, A. Rosati, A. M. Papadopoulos, A. Graves, A. Rigueiro Rodríguez, N. Ferreiro-Domínguez, J. L. Fernández Lorenzo, M. P. González-Hernández, V. P. Papanastasis, K. Mantzanas, M. Upson, P. Van Lerberghe, N. Malignierand
Vegetative Propagation of Caper Plant under Kuwait’s Environmental Conditions
Ouhoud Mohammad Al-Ragam
Agrochemical pollution control in combined tree-crop systems
G. Pavlidis, D. Alexakis, H. Karasali, V. A. Tsihrintzis
Alpine pasturelands. Reasons and consequences of land use transformation by examples of the Austrian Alps
H. Weingartner
Assessment of minimum water level and flow in water bodies in Greece under the impact of climate change
C. Skoulikaris, A. Zafirakou, C. Anagnostopoulou, K. Tolika, C. Doulgeris, D. Papadimos, S. Triantafillidis, M. Koutrakis
Innovative environmentally friendly materials and technologies in pavement design and construction
F. Kehagia, E. Manthos, C. Tasika, I. Tsiantou

Protection and restoration of coastal zone and open sea waters

Utilisation of subsea artificial structures by fishes: restoration of marine ecosystems and decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure in the North Sea
T. Fujii
Managing wave run-up and flood risk in the coastal zone of Rethymno, Greece
E.V. Kragiopoulou, Ε.S. Skarlatou, A. Lykou, Ch Makropoulos, V. K Tsoukala
Exploitation of wave energy while protecting the coast from erosion
I. Roupas, E. Sarivasileiou, T. V Karambas
Experimental investigation of wave transmission and reflection at a system of low crested breakwaters
Th. Giantsi, C. I. Moutzouris
Invisible out-of-sight pollution: seabed marine litter in the Aegean Sea, Mediterranean
K. N. Papadopoulou, A. Anastasopoulou, Ch. Mytilineou, C.J. Smith, C. Stamouli
Preliminary Results of Seawater Quality Measurements at the New South Port of Patras, Greece
A. Aravantinou, A. Bloutsos, V. Tsiboukis, I. Manariotis, Panayotis C. Yannopoulos

Remediation of contaminated media

Effects of metal concentration on bacterial inactivation in plasma-activated water
T. Chen, Τ. Su, J. F. Liang
Irreversible Fixation of Cs on the Clay Minerals
Jae Shin Lee, Sang Min Park, Kitae Baek
Environmental contamination and site remediation at radium and uranium old mines in Portugal
F. P. Carvalho, J. M. Oliveira, M. Malta
Variation of the As(V) lability on mine-impacted soils as a function of stabilization period, amending dose/timing, and soil properties
M. Kim, J. Kim, Y. S. Kim, S. Hyun, D. H. Moon
Kinetic modelling of a chloroethene-degrading, sulfate-reducing and methane-producing mixed culture
K. Kandris, K. Antoniou, M. Pantazidou, D. Mamais
Catechol 2,3-dioxygenase activity in Pseudomonas isolated from different soils is increased by hydrocarbons and pesticides
G. Palma Ayala, C. González Ávalos, A. Martínez-Rizo, J. B. Velazquez-Fernandez
Stabilization of heavy metal contaminated mine tailings using various renewable waste resources
D. H. Moon, I. Hwang, K.H. Cheong, Y.-Y. Chang, K. Baek, W.S. Shin, S. Hyun, J.-H. Park

Solid waste management

Water saving by applying biosolids to an energy crop under deficit irrigation
D. S. Dimakas, V. Giouvanis, C. D. Papanikolaou, M. A. Sakellariou-Makrantonaki
The seven paths of translation evaluation: A control mechanism of bilingual scientific texts translations
S. Christidou, S. Kamaroudis
Site and size selection methodology of Waste-to-Energy facilities targeting R1 maximization and gate fee minimization. A concrete approach.
E. G. Kyriakis, C. S. Psomopoulos, P. I. Kokkotis, A. Bourtsalas, N. J. Themelis
Valorization of winery by-products after valuable component extraction using pyrolysis method
P. E. Kamaterou, A. Zabaniotou
Environmental Remediation through Beneficial Utilization of Mine Waste: Potential fabrication of geopolymeric materials from mine tailings
Wilson Mugera Gitari
Slag use in road construction acts favorably for the environment
A. Athanasopoulou, G. Kollaros
Modified Contingent Valuation Method for Agricultural Wastes between the area of Peloponnese and Thessaly in Greece.
O. N. Kopsidas, A. N. Kopsidas
Potential application of municipal dry sludge for remediation of acidic and metalliferous mine effluents: Implication for mine backfilling
Vhahangwele Masindi
Biofuel Production from Plasmatron Gasification and Reforming of Sewage Sludge and Waste Emission of Carbon Dioxide
J. L. Shie, Y. R. Liau, C. Y. Chang
Water Balance Model For Evaluation Of Landfill Malfunction Due To Leakage
Theodoti Vergou, Andreas Efstratiadis, Dimitris Dermatas
An island Landfill Mining and Municipal Solid Waste Treatment approach
I. Frantzis, D. Skoura
Column study for the micro-silica encapsulation of pyrite surfaces to inhibit oxidation
K. Kollias, E. Mylona, N. Papassiopi, A. Xenidis
Effect of metal activators on the oxidative degradation of PAHs using slow release persulfate candle
A. Septian, W.S. Shin
Effect of wheat biochar on soil temperature in coal mines located in arid-semiarid areas in China
J. Xiong, Z. Bian, S. Lei, D. Yang, T. Wang

Spatial and urban planning

Bioclimatic design in a modern house with Macedonian architecture elements
K. I. Lantitsou, S. M. Bagiouk, G. D. Panagiotakis, S. S. Bagiouk

Sustainable architecture, planning and development

Environmental sustainability for an existing airport
S. Aksit Sahinkaya, F. Germirli Babuna
A sustainable energy and development pattern based on R.E.S. for insular and rural communities
D. A. Katsaprakakis, D. Zafirakis, D. G. Christakis, J. Kaldellis
The contribution of the marine and coastal environment in the quality of resident’s life in the city of Kavala
S. Tampakis, T. Panagopoulos, P. Karanikola, P. Ypsilopoulos
Proposal for a historic-cultural accessible route in the Historic Centre of Faro city as an opportunity for sustainable urban planning
S. Silva Costa, T. Panagopoulos
Assessment tools for energy efficiency in the tertiary sector buildings
S. Tournaki, T. Tsoutsos, M. Frangou, Z. Urosevic
Rapid development of sustainable housing for disaster relief
P. Kosmopoulos, E. Alexopoulou
P. Kosmopoulos, K. Michalopoulou
Towards a Zero Energy Demand Building: Recent Data of the Experimental Prototype Unit ZED-KIM
P. Kosmopoulos, P. Touboulidis, A. Moumtzakis, A. Kantzioura
Research on how buildings and covering materials affect microclimate conditions: Case study the center of Thessaloniki
A. Kantzioura, P. Kosmopoulos
Assessing urban mobility conditions through the use of indicators: The case of the Pylaia-Panorama and Pavlos Melas municipalities
K. Tselepidou, Z. Choris, A. Sdoukopoulos, F. Kehagia
A Cost Benefit Analysis of hybrid energy efficiency application in buildings
K. Aravossis, V. Kapsalis
Comparing international sustainable planning examples to the Greek planning reality and critic on the new Greek planning framework
E. K. Oikonomou
Development of CST plants in Greece: An assessment of their feasibility
V. N Drosou, P. I Kosmopoulos

Waste minimization and pollution prevention

Investigation of a common textile surfactant: Biodegradability, toxicity, and photochemical treatment
Canan Turker, Tugba Olmez Hanci, Muge Oguz Cabuk, Fatos Germirli Babuna
Minimization of reservoir dredged material using its addition in concrete
J. Junak, N. Junakova
Citizen’s mentality and behaviour regarding household pharmaceutical waste
A. Zorpas, M. Demitriou, I. Voukkali
Energy efficiency assesment of gasification plant using hazardous/non-hazardous industrial wastewater treatment sludge
G. Yildiz Töre, Y. B. Kar
Treatment of solid copper wastes with ammonia-based reagents to yield saleable copper
F. J. Alguacil, I. Garcia-Diaz, F. A Lopez, O. Rodriguez
Hierarchical Classification of Supercapacitors; Stroke Degradation and their Environmental Issues in their End-of-Life Phase.
P. I. Kokkotis, C. Psomopoulos, G. Ioannidis, S. Kaminaris
Development of a Green Chemistry Laboratory Guide for 10th Grade Chemistry Students in Greece
E. Kalampokis, C. Hatziantoniou - Maroulis, L. Antonoglou
Optimization of site selection of an anaerobic digestion plant for treatment and valorization of livestock liquid manure with the aid of GIS
E. K. Oikonomou, A. Guitonas, E. Tekidis
Τhe Circular Economy as a driver for opportunities and sustainable development in Greece
S. Panagopoulos, V. Tryfona, A. kungolos, P. Dimakos
E. Ozkan, N. Elginoz, Fatos Germirli Babuna
Assessment of hydrocarbons and markers of crude oil for the identification of emission sources in the deep sediment of Pertusillo Lake (south of Italy).
G. Anzilotta, T. Perri, E. Acito, V. Nola, E. Fortunato, D. Colucci, A. Palma, M. Paternoster

Wastewater treatment and management

Uranium Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Luffa Cylindrica Biochar Fibres
Ioanna Liatsou, Georgia Michael, Ioannis Pashalidis
Efficient Municipal Wastewater Treatment by Once-Trough Trickling Filtration
I. Chourdakis, P. Gikas, H. Marakas
Sustainable Degradation of Municipal Sludge by Using Phytochemical Molecules with Antioxidative Activity
E. Giannakopoulos, S. Alexandropoulou, E. Isari, K. Bourikas, H.K. Karapanagioti, I. Kalavrouziotis
Isocyanate-functionalized carrageenans as absorbents for the removal of Carbamazepine and Diclofenac from aqueous solutions
S. G. Nanaki, G. Z. Kyzas, M. Papageorgiou, C. Kouloktsi, D. N. Bikiaris, D. A. Lambropoulou
Removal of pharmaceuticals by novel crosslinked copolymer adsorbents based on acrylic acid and vinyl imidazole
A. Koltsakidou, Z. Terzopoulou, K. V. Adam, D. Bikiaris, D. A. Lambropoulou
The use of colloidal zero valent iron nanoparticles for hexavalent chromium reduction in wastewater: the influence of nitrate
Giorgio Vilardi, Luca Di Palma, N. Verdone
Nitrate and phosphate uptake by immobilized Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells
John Papantoniou, Athena Papadopoulou, Angeliki Polydera, Dimitrios Gournis, Petros Katapodis, Haralambos Stamatis
Evaluation of reuse opportunities of biologicaly treated denim washing and dyeing processing wastewater with membrane technology
G. Kaykioglu, R. Gürkan, G. Yildiz Töre
Domestic greywater treatment in a constructed wetland mesocosm planted with two species of macrophytes
A. Gupta, R. Bhuyan
Investigation of the biodegradation of Ibuprofen (IBU) residues by using an Extended-Aeration Activated Sludge Process
M. Maaroof, Y. Uysal
Toxicity assesment of fur-suede processing wastewater treated with different coagulants
G. Yildiz Tore, G. Kaykıoğlu
Electrochemical remediation of tannery wastewater by photovoltaic electrocoagulation
Konstantinos Dermentzis
Elimination of a mixture of contaminants of emerging concerns from municipal sludges by using a fungal approach
S. Saibi, H. Cabana
Removal of heavy metals in synthetic wastewater using banana peels: evaluation of the process
Giorgio Vilardi, Irene Bavasso, Luca Di Palma
Real study of industrial wastewater COD degradation based on AnBio-Cube technology for Taiwan solar cell plant
Kun-Cheng Lai, Yan-Ting Wang, Shu-Min Shen, Wei-Ting Chen
Adsorption of hexavalent chromium on ophiolitic sediment, hematite and goethite in the presence of phosphates
T. Bouras, K. Lagkouvardos, D. Dermatas, M. Chrysochoou
Vermicomposting as a means of velocity increase of dewatered biological sludge partial solar drying in an open-type greenhouse
A. Guitonas, E. K. Oikonomou, C. Emmanouil
The business of “koprologoi”
D. Koumparou, S. K. Golfinopoulos, S. A. Samios
Fungal collection screening for phenol removal from a biorefinery industry wastewater
A. Ariste, V.V. Kumar, S. Saibi, R. A. Batista-García, H. Cabana
Mechanism of Cr(VI) reduction by clay mineral
Song Jong Kwak, Jong Chan Yoo, Geun Seok Yoon, Kitae Baek
Assessment of effluents’ quality from two wastewater treatment plants in N. Greece
Dionysia Diamantidou, Ioanna Gkoutzamani, Maria Petala, Antigoni Zafirakou
Potential biosorbents for treatment of Cr(VI) contaminated water discharged into Asopos river
I. Lagiopoulos, A. Binteris, T. Mpouras, I. Panagiotakis, M. Chrysochoou, D. Dermatas
Column tests for evaluating the remediation of Cr(VI) contaminated waters using resin supported nanoiron
Aikaterini Toli, Maria Alexopoulou, Christiana Mystrioti, Anthimos Xenidis, Nymphodora Papassiopi
Modeling the wind effect on the hydraulic efficiency of settling tanks for water treatment
A. Gkesouli, A. Stamou
Redox Transformation and Treatment of Arsenic in Water
X. G. Meng, C. Christodoulatos, G. P. Korfiatis
Robotic solutions for sewage systems in urban environments
A. Grau, Y. Bolea, A. Sanfeliu, J. Casanovas, A. Puig-Pey

Water resources management and contamination control

Uranium levels in drinking tap and bottled waters in Cyprus
K. Philippou, I. Pashalidis
Agricultural Nitrate Pollution of Groundwater in Antalya - Turkey
A. Çil, R. Keyikoğlu, F. Yenilmez, A. Muhammetoglu, H. Muhammetoglu
Restoring the River Niger
R. I. Enang
Rainwater tanks reliability analysis in Cyclades islands
E. Papagianni, P. Londra, A. Theocharis, E. Baltas, V. Tsihrintzis
Affinity of electrocoagulation process on hydrophobic/hydrophilic fraction of Baker’s yeast wastewater
E. Gengec, M. Kobya
Improving efficiency of a water distribution network by implementing a Pump as Turbine system: Antalya Case Study
I. E. Karadirek, O. Gulaydin, Ö. Özen, A. Muhammetoglu, H. Muhammetoglu
Evaluation of Soil Water Diffusivity Using Different Methods from Horizontal Absorption
Ch. Evangelides, George Arampatzis, Christos Tzimopoulos
Flow field experiments in a channel with artificial vegetation
A. Mavrommatis, G. Christodoulou
Management strategy for fragile aquatic ecosystems and water resources: A "tool" for the reduction of manmade eco-environmental impact on the lakes, lagoons and marshes in Attica region
A. Mertzanis, F. Marabini, M. G. Angeli, As. Mertzani, F. Pontoni, P. Gasparetto
Use of lab scale barrier with waste materials on denitrification process to clear groundwater
Stylianos Gkiouzepas
Environmental recovery in Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia: Evidence of natural and anthropogenic sediment capping
T. Walker
Environmental quality assessment of lacustrine sediments from an artificial water reservoir: the case of the “Pietra del Pertusillo” lake (Basilicata, Italia)
E. Fortunato, G. Mongelli, M Paternoster, R. Sinisi
Humic acid removal from aqueous solution by fixed-bed electrocoagulation reactor using Al ball anodes
F. Ulu, E. Gengec, M. Kobya
Water resources use behind livestock and animal production with the water footprint approach
A. Dota, N. Theodossiou, V. Dotas
Groundwater management optimization with combined use of Harmony Search Algorithm and modular finite-difference flow model Modflow
M. Antoniou, N. Theodossiou, D. Karakatsanis
Multi-objective aquifer management by an extended hybrid harmony search method
A. Manolis, E. Sidiropoulos, Ch. Evangelides
Synthesis of MnO2 coated bentonite and its potential application on groundwater defluoridation.
Rabelani Mudzielwana, Mugera Wilson Gitari, Titus Msagati
Soil water content under transient flooding conditions: preliminary measurements under a recharging channel.
C. Miracapillo
Monitoring of haloacetic acids in water samples by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
Y. Kadmi, F. Lidia, A.I. Simion, F. Kaidi, D. Wolbert
Evaluation of surface water quality in Mykonos island, Greece
G. Pavlidis, E. Ploumistou, H. Karasali, D. Alexakis, C. Anagnostopoulos, A. Charalampous, C. Emmanouil, V.A. Tsihrintzis, A. Kungolos
Water management and energy of a traditional Hammam peri-urban Casablanca (Project of Eco-Hammam)
N. Chakri, B. El amrani, F. Berrada, K. El Falaky, F. Amraoui
Application and sensitivity analysis of the abcd water balance model in three different basins in Greece
G. Moraitis, A. Bournas, D. Nikolopoulos, E. Feloni, E. Baltas
Water resources management in Argolikos plain under changing conditions
E. Baltas, G. Bariamis
The Water Framework Directive: a systems approach to sustainability challenges
N. Voulvoulis, K. C. Arpon, T. Giakoumis
Exploiting energy recovery potential in a water distribution network along with reliable pressure management
M. Patelis, I. Vasilopoulos, V. Kanakoudis, K. Gonelas
Innovative Low Impact Development and Natural Area Preservation in Rapidly Urbanizing Coastal Areas
K. Jones, J. Guerrero, A. Sanchez Gonzalez
Phosphorus sorption by fine and coarse-grained sediments in a farm pond
N. Junakova
Crop coefficient estimation for the cultivations in North West Greece
G. Arampatzis, Ch. Evangelides, M. Nikou
Comparative water quality assessment of a new and an old reservoir in Aliakmon River using both statistical tools and a modified NSF water quality index
G. Samiotis, E. Trikoilidou, A. Michailidis, E. Zagana, E. Amanatidou
Inactivation of Escherichia coli in water by combined process of silver nanoparticle (AgNP) and UV radiation
M. A. Zazouli, M. Yousefi, Y. Kor, M. Roohafzaee, F. Ghanbari
Hydro-measurements and water quality sampling monitoring for agricultural use of Pinios River water in Central Greece
E. Hatzigiannakis, A. Filintas, M. Sassalou, G. Panoras, A. Zavra
Water Footprint determination in quarry operations under subtropical climates in insular regions.
A. Zorpas, M. Goudouva
Switching Control of Chlorination Process for Sant Joan Despí Purification Water Plant
Y. Bolea, A. Grau, J. Gamiz, H. Martinez, J. Gamiz
Water and the re-Arrangement of the society
D. Koumparou

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Management and Planning

Determining optimal siting areas for wind farms in the regional Unit of Chania, Crete in Greece
E. Emmanouilidi, D. G. Vagiona
Planning of the Installation of an Offshore Wind Farm
Sofia Evangelopoulou, Eva Loukogeorgaki
Thermal performance investigation of two different residential buildings in Marmari, South Evia
A. Kanteraki, P. Michalakakou
Site selection for onshore windfarm applications: Recent applications and trends
D. G. Vagiona, N. Karanikolas, C. Alexiou
Assessing cooling loads through building envelopes under varying outdoor and indoor constraints
Dimitrios Zenginis, Karolos Kontoleon

Environmental communication and education

Literature and environmental education: The case of Alexandros Papadiamantis
E. Manolas, G. Tsantopoulos
Environmental Sensitivity of College Students.
A. Vamvakari, R. Zarkaveli, C. Skanavis
The environmental impacts of the refugees’ settlements at Lesvos Island
C. Skanavis, A. Kounani
Leisure time and mass media among elementary school pupils: Some research findings
G. Tsantopoulos, E. Manolas, A. Dalamagkidou
How close to being "Green" are the Greek universities
D. Papaioannidou, C. Sardi, A. Kounani, C. Skanavis
Assessing the Environmental Education Practices of Educators in a Greek Island
K. M. Ntaiou, C. Oursouzidou, C. Skanavis, A. Kounani
Evaluating the implementation of WWF Hellas program for a "Better Life"
S. Pollaki, C. Skanavis
J. Barota, H. Giannakopoulou, Constantina Skanavis
Online M.S. Environmental Engineering Programs – The University of New Haven (UNH) Experience
E. Hadnagy, B. Riedinger, Jeanne Vilberg, A. Koutsospyros
Environmental Summer Camp in a Greek Island
S. Apostolopoulou, G. Griroropoulou, M. Karamperis, C. Skanavis, A. Kounani

Innovative technologies for polluted water remediation

Experimental study on single and competitive adsorption of benzene and toluene from model groundwater
A. Erto, S. Chianese, A. Lancia, D. Musmarra
Discontinuous Permeable Adsorptive Barrier design and cost analysis: a methodological approach to optimisation
G. F. Santonastaso, I. Bortone, S. Chianese, A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, A. Erto, D. Musmarra, D. Karatza
Numerical algorithm compared with analytic solution to solve an inverse problem of contamination source in a river
G.F. Santonastaso, A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, M. Iervolino, D. Musmarra
Culture optimization of Chlorococcum sp. for biomass and lipid production
A. Frementiti, I. D. Manariotis, A. F. Aravantinou
Synthetic TMAH wastewaters treatment with cavitation processes
D. Karatza, E. Hristoforou, Valentina Innocenzi, Francesco Tortora, Marina Prisciandaro
Water network partitioning of Skiathos island based on advanced topologic and energy optimization algorithms
A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, C. S. Laspidou, G.F. Santonastaso, D. Kofinas
Purification of residual leach liquors from hydrometallurgical process of NiMH spent batteries through Micellar Enhanced Ultra Filtration
V. Innocenzi, F. Tortora, M. Prisciandaro, F. Vegliò
Sorption of organic pollutants onto a humic acids-zeolitic tuff adduct
V. Leone, P. Iovino, S. Capasso, S. Chianese, D. Musmarra

Environmental aspects of marinas and touristical ports

Dredging and sediment management in marinas and touristical ports
G. Papacharalampous
Geospatial assessment of the pollutant load trend in a coastal marine area
F. Sakellariadou
Application of Harmony Search Algorithm in the optimal design overtopping breakwater for energy conversion systems
V. Kralli, N. Theodossiou, T. Karambas
Greek marinas: a mythical saga
Gr. E. Andrianis, E. Gr. Andrianis
Environmental impacts of marinas: review of case studies
S. Papagrigoriou, G. Kotzageorgis, Y. Bekiaris
Linaria Port, Skyros: An Environmentally Friendly Port Community for Leisure Crafts
K. Antonopoulos, V. Plaka, C. Skanavis
The Procedure for Obtaining a Blue Flag in a Marina Hotel in Crete, Greece
A. Kamarinakis
Environmental impacts from the construction and operation of marinas and touristical ports
P. S. Kollias, V.P. Kollias, S. Kollias
Environmental and Safety Aspects for Marinas: Elements and New Trends
N. Ventikos, E. Stamatopoulou