Mykonos is situated in the center of the Cyclades Islands, 160 km from Athens Piraeus and 130 km from Rafina. Mykonos is easily accessible via good air and ferry services. There are daily ferries and flights to the island, which are increased in frequency during summer period. You can take a ferry boat, high-speed boat or airplane from Athens or Thessaloniki.

Traveling by air

Mykonos has an airport and can be reached from all major European destinations, via Athens or Thessaloniki.

There are several flights a day in the high season with Olympic Airways and and a daily flight out of season. The flying time from Athens is around 40 min. Aegean Airlines also has daily flights for Mykonos in the summer.

During the summer season, there are also some charter flights from a number of European destinations, without a transfer in Athens. The airport of Mykonos is about 4 km from the town center. There is a good bus service and a taxi rank situated outside the airport, while many hotels offer minibus transfers to and from the airport.

On line booking Aegean Air-Olympic Air

Traveling by sea

Mykonos has two ferry ports and there are regular ferries all year, with additional services in the summer season. There are several ferries a day from Rafina Port in the summer time and the travelling time is 4 and a half hours.

There is also seajet service from Rafina port you can use and reach Mykonos, in 2 hours only. There is also one ferry a day from Piraeus Port (Athens) in the summer and the travelling time is around 5 hours.

Ferry Routes (On line booking)

Rafina - Mykonos   FAST FERRIES     Piraeus - Mykonos   BLUE STAR FERRIES
Transportation in Mykonos

The public bus system (KTEL) offers multiple departures from the town of Mykonos (Starting Line 2 : OTE) to Elia (Conference venue).

The travelling time is approximately 30 minutes and the ticket cost is about 2.00 euros.

Car rentals

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